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Needles, CA. is the location for the Newest Rt. 66 Music Brews & BBQ Championship. This barbecue competition will be held the first weekend of October each year. As all of the Music Brews & BBQ Championships this will also be another KCBS (Kansas City BBQ Society) sanctioned event along with being a CBBQA ToY (CA. BBQ Association Team of the Year Event). We are Qualifiers for the American Royale, Jack Daniels Invitational and the CBBQA ToY. Starting in 2013 we will be promoting a New Series called The Rt. 66 National Championship Series. This will involve many other competitions from states all along Old Rt. 66 from California to Missouri that pay a fee to become a series event. Then all teams that compete at any events in this series will have their point totals accumulated at the end of the year, the teams with the highest points will win additional cash prizes for their efforts and support of series events. Currently we have including Needles and Lake Havasu 5 other events in CA., AZ., and NM interested in participating.

This coming year (2012) we have again set high goals for this newest event, but in order to achieve these goals we will again need help from our Sponsorship Partners New as well as Old. Our goal is to get over 60 Pro Comp BBQ Teams to compete annually in the Needles Rt. 66 Music Brews and BBQ Event. Increasing prize funds continue to play a role on demand for team entries. To maintain high participation levels that match that of other competitions while keeping the team entry cost to a minimum is paramount in attracting the higher number of teams. We have continued to visit events in multiple states, and have met with hundreds of Pro Comp BBQ teams and their members. Plus we have talked to an additional 500 judges which are crucial in maintaining CBJ percentages (Certified Barbecue Judges), which is also a must in producing more teams. This has produced more than 700 out-of-area visitors that participate annually during our other event. This also helps us in drawing the more than 20,000 attendees annually, over the past four (4) years in Lake Havasu City.

Music Brews & BBQ Championships continues to be one of the Largest Major Fundraising Events for Local Communities 501 c 3 Organizations and Charities. Proceeds from this event will benefit:

Your Sponsorship not only gets you recognition from the Local Community, but also the Teams, Judges, Vendors and the Public that attend these events each year. Not to mention the Tens of Thousands throughout the City, County, State and County that hear about the event via media publications that we use to promote this event. Each year we have committed to promote Needles Rt. 66 Music Brews & BBQ Championship through many types of advertising means. Community Bulletin Boards & Calendars, Newspaper & Magazine Articles, Radio Commercials with over 12 Stations, Bill Boards, BBQ Forum Websites, Event Program Booklets, Banners and even TV Commercials. These are just a few of the tools we use to promote our Sponsors. If your interested in becoming a Sponsor and getting your Company or Business the recognition it deserves, then give us a call at (928) 208-2375 or send us a message by clicking on Contact Us or at We offer many types of ways to help promote you and your business which include Banners Ads, Direct Website Links and of course many Sponsorships Levels.