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Sep 27,2013 - Sep 28,2013    Time: 6:00 am - 8:00 pm

Team registration for the AVI Resort & Casino BBQ Competition


Avi Resort & Casino
10000 Aha Macav Pkwy
Laughlin, 89029

Registration is closed for this event.
For more information or questions, please email:
Havasu Music Brews and BBQ

Team Agreement

As a condition of participation in the AVI Resort Music Brews and BBQ NV State Championship Please read the agreement below in full, sign and send back to C & M Events, LLC.

  1. This event is based on a first come basis. However C & M Events, LLC./Cooking 4 Kids & Hunger reserves the final right of refusal to any and all teams. There will be No Cash Refunds.
  2. There is no “Rain Delay” schedule for this event, and if required the event may be canceled in whole or in part by C & M Events, LLC./Cooking 4 Kids & Hunger without prior notice.
  3. I agree to follow all guidelines of the San Bernardino Health Department for food service as included in the Guidelines, including setting up and use of hand-wash stations. No Pets will be permitted in the Food Booths or Cooking Areas.
  4. No Alcoholic beverages will be Sold or Distributed by anyone other than C & M Events, LLC. No flammable items or hazardous materials. Weapons, controlled substances or similar materials will not be permitted on the premises.
  5. Teams shall continually police their area for safe and sanitary conditions. At the conclusion of the event, each team shall be responsible for his/her own trash removal and shall restore the area to an acceptable condition as when you arrived. We will remove our own trash from within my booth, and dump in the nearest dumpster located on the event site.
  6. HOLD HARMLESS: In recognition that there may be some risk, injury or property damage in such an undertaking at the Avi Resort & Casino Music Brews & BBQ State Championship, the undersigned teams releases and hold harmless C & M Events LLC, any and all of its members/officers, Avi Resort & Casino for any and all liability for injury or damages to the team members, or which may result from his/her participation, or which may occur to third parties by the act(s) of the members, his/her employees or agents. No action will be asserted or maintained against C & M Events, LLC and any or all of it’s members/officers and or sponsors including but not limited to Avi Resort & Casino as a result of any occurrence in any way with the Avi Resort & Casino Music Brews & BBQ State Championship. Further the team members shall defend any action so asserted or maintained arising out of any action taken by the team members. Further, I hereby grant full permission to the Avi Music Brews and BBQ Championship organizers and/or agents authorized by them and to each of the entities and individuals listed above, to use any photographs, videotapes, recordings, or any other record of the event for any legitimate purpose. In addition, I agree to abide by all the rules of Avi Resort & Casino Music Brews and BBQ Championship and the Kansas City Barbecue Society and hereby assume full legal liability and responsibility for the behavior of myself and any of my guests.
  7. LIABILITY: As between the parties, each party shall be solely responsible for any and all liability arising from Personal Injury, including death, or damage to property arising from the act or failure to act of the Respective Party or of its Officials, Agents and Employees pursuant to this agreement.